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By Rosenman & Leventhal
October 30, 2017
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Would you like to do something about your fine lines and wrinkles but aren't sure if Botox treatment is a good choice? Our Yardley, PA botoxdermatologists, Dr. Howard Rosenman and Dr. Linda Leventhal of Rosenman & Leventhal, discuss a few things that make Botox an excellent option.


Botox smooths fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles under the skin and preventing them from contracting when you frown or make other facial expressions. When the muscles no longer contract, your skin will also relax and become smoother.


Botox treatment can:

  • Minimize vertical lines between the eyes
  • Smooth forehead furrows (Botox was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat forehead lines.)
  • Reduce the appearance of crow's feet
  • Make nasiolabial fold lines less obvious
  • Decrease wrinkles around the mouth

In addition to minimizing lines and wrinkles, Botox has other important uses, such as:

  • Preventing or reducing migraines
  • Stopping excessive underarm perspiration
  • Easing the pain associated with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)


Your safety is our utmost concern during any cosmetic treatment in our Yardley office. The Botox we use is derived from the purified form of the botulinum toxin and is FDA approved.


Botox injections only take a few minutes. Because we use very thin needles, treatments aren't usually painful. In fact, you may only feel a slight stinging sensation when the needle enters your skin. After your treatment, you can immediately return to your normal activities.


It's not always easy to tell if you'll like the effects of a particular cosmetic treatment in advance. Unlike other cosmetic treatments that may change your face for many months or years, the effects of Botox generally only last three to four months. The majority of people who receive Botox injections are happy with the results and schedule regular appointments to maintain their wrinkle-free appearance. However, if you don't like your results, you won't have to wait long for them to wear off. Once they do, you can choose another option, if you prefer.

Enjoy a more youthful appearance with Botox injections. Call our Yardley, PA dermatologists, Dr. Howard Rosenman and Dr. Linda Leventhal of Rosenman & Leventhal, at (215) 321-3500 to schedule your appointment.

By Rosenman & Leventhal
December 12, 2016
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Lines and wrinkles are unavoidable as you age, but they don't have to permanently change your appearance. Dr. Howard Rosenman wrinklesand Dr. Linda Leventhal, your Yardley, PA dermatologists at Rosenman & Leventhal, PC, explain how Botox injections can help you look more rested and youthful.

A simple way to smooth lines and wrinkles

Botox is so effective because it prevents nerve signals from reaching facial muscles, which temporarily prevents the muscles from contracting. When the muscles under your skin stop contracting, those annoying lines and wrinkles begin to soften. Botox, a purified substance made from the botulinum toxin, contains a very small amount of the toxin and is FDA approved.

Botox offers wrinkle relief for your entire face in Yardley

Have years of squinting into the sun left you with vertical lines between your eyes? Unfortunately, those "11" lines can give away your age. Botox injections smooth the lines, giving you a more youthful appearance. The treatments are also effective in treating several other types of facial lines and wrinkles, including:

  • Crows Feet: These tiny lines appear at the corner of your eyes and become more prominent when you laugh or smile. Regular Botox injections help minimize their appearance.
  • Furrows: In addition to vertical lines between your eyes, you may also develop horizontal furrows in your forehead. It's simple to treat both "11" lines and furrows during your visit.
  • Lip and Mouth Lines: As you age, fine lines tend to form around your lips and mouth, which not only makes you look older, but also makes wearing lipstick more challenging. Botox treatments get rid of those lines simply and effectively.

When will I see results and how long will they last?

You may begin to see a change three or four days after you receive your injection, but it generally takes about two weeks to see the full effects. Results typically last three to four months. Regular follow-up appointments will ensure that your wrinkles don't return.

Interested in learning more about Botox injections? Call Dr. Rosenman and Dr. Leventhal, your Yardley, PA dermatologists at Rosenman & Leventhal, PC, at (215) 321-3500 to schedule an appointment.

By Rosenman & Leventhal, PC
February 26, 2016
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Tired of looking tired? Want to do something about those lines in your face?

If you live in the Yardley, PA area and you’re seeking options for smoothing facial wrinkles, a qualified dermatologist, such as botoxRosenman and Leventhal, PC, can help you make the right decision for you.

One non-surgical option many people choose is Botox, or more specifically, injections of Botulinum toxin.

Botox refers to a group of medications that use various forms of botulinum toxin, a microbe associated with a certain type of food poisoning. When injected, Botox temporarily paralyzes muscle activity by blocking certain chemical signals from nerves which cause muscles to contract. The most common use of Botox injections is to relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles.

Botox has been in use since the 1980s. When administered under the experienced care and guidance of a qualified medical doctor, Botox can be a safe and effective option for erasing facial age lines and wrinkles. Botox can be used for a number of cosmetic issues, most notably smoothing out lines in the forehead made by furrowing the brow, frown lines, and crow’s feet, which are lines around the corners of the eyes. A study recently published in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery found that Botox may improve skin pliability and elasticity for up to four months.

Botox can be an effective, non-surgical cosmetic option for removing facial lines and wrinkles. However, Botox can be dangerous if not administered properly. While “Botox parties” – events hosted by non-medical professionals such as cosmetologists – have become popular, Botox injections are safest and most effective when administered by a qualified, experienced medical professional.

People in the Yardley, PA area seeking further information about Botox or seeking the services of a qualified medical professional to administer Botox should consider contacting Rosenman and Leventhal, PC. For more information call 215-321-3500 or visit the website at

By Rosenman & Leventhal, PC
November 25, 2014
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combating wrinklesAging—right? Yes, fine lines and wrinkles do appear as we age, but that’s not the only reason a person gets wrinkles. Other factors also play a part, such as:
  • Exposure to UV light: Sun exposure breaks down the collagen, which is critical to elasticity.
  • Bad habits: Drinking and smoking on a regular basis can do damage to the skin because smoking accelerates the aging process, and alcohol dehydrates you.
  • Losing sleep: Not catching those Z’s can cause your body to produce too much cortisol, which can lead to collagen breaking down.
  • Repetitive facial movements: Constant movement of your facial muscles can wear them down, causing grooves to appear underneath the skin.

How Professionals Help Treat Wrinkles 

At Rosenman & Leventhal, we offer an arsenal of wrinkle treatments that can bring back that lustrous and youthful skin. Common treatments for fine lines and wrinkles include:
  • Moisturizers
  • Chemical peels
  • Dermabrasion
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Botox
  • Dermal fillers

How to Reduce Wrinkles

While aging is a factor that you can’t control, there are ways you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay well-rested
  • Don’t smoke
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Moisturize
  • Stay stress-free
  • Eat healthy
Over time, these skin tactics may produce the results you want. If not, maybe it’s time to visit the dermatologist for a professional opinion and non-surgical treatment options, such as Botox.
Contact our office for more information about wrinkle treatments. What skin tactics do you use to get a more youthful look? We look forward to hearing from you!
By Rosenman & Leventhal, PC
June 12, 2014
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botoxFor many of us, wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging. Smiling, frowning and squinting cause the muscles of the face to contract, and over time, these repeated facial movements can produce deep, permanent wrinkles in the skin, particularly around the eyes, mouth and forehead. Habits such as smoking and too much sun exposure can exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles, making us look more aged than we really are.
The good news is that if you feel self-conscious about your aging skin, you’ve got options. Our skilled dermatologists at Rosenman & Leventhal, PC regularly administer Botox injections to help patients erase marks of aging and even help prevent those lines from worsening. It’s safe, it’s effective and it’s quick—requiring as little as 10 minutes to complete.
Think you might be a good candidate for Botox in Yardley? We’ve included a few ways to determine if this popular cosmetic treatment is right for you.

How it works

Botox is the most widely administered wrinkle reduction treatment in the U.S. The simple, non-surgical procedure takes just 10 minutes to complete in our office. Small injections of a therapeutic muscle-relaxing agent are administered by one of our skilled Yardley, PA dermatologists into the muscles that cause visible signs of aging and stress. The injection relaxes the muscles in the face, and can last up to six months with no recovery time and little to no discomfort.
In some cases, Botox has also shown to be successful in treating migraines, chronic back and jaw pain, and excessive perspiration.


Ideal candidates for Botox in Yardley

If you’re looking to improve your appearance and minimize signs of aging brought on by fine lines and wrinkles, then Botox may be a suitable cosmetic treatment for you. The best candidates for Botox should be in good, overall general health and between the ages of 18 and 65. Candidates must have dynamic wrinkles such as crows feet, frown lines or forehead creases, as the injection is intended to block the nerve muscles that are responsible for causing facial lines. Finally, candidates for Botox must have realistic expectations about the procedure. That means discussing your objectives for Botox with one of our dermatologists in Yardley, PA prior to receiving treatment to ensure your goals can be met with Botox or if another cosmetic treatment may be more suitable.
Not everyone is a candidate for Botox, as certain health conditions may impair the effectiveness of the injections. Our team will evaluate your medical history prior to treatment to ensure Botox is both safe and effective for you. People who are not good candidates include those:
  • Who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to become pregnant
  • Have a neurological disorder
  • Are allergic to Botox injections
The first step to finding out if you are a good candidate for Botox is choosing a qualified dermatologist who specializes in Botox injections. We’d love to speak with you about your goals for treatment and help you determine a plan to smooth your lines for younger, rejuvenated skin. Contact our office to learn more or request an appointment online today.