Winter Skin Care Tips

Your Yardley dermatologist offers up ways to protect your skin from the harsh Pennsylvania winter.

While winter might often look rather picturesque and snow globe-like when it first comes around, our bodies don’t always take to it quite so well. The chilly, blustery days and the below-freezing nights can cause some serious problems for our poor skin. By following these helpful tips this winter, you too can keep skin feeling and looking its best all year round.

Wash gently

We know that germs can run rampant during the winters and to keep the cold and flu at bay you might find yourself washing your hands with soap and hot water several times a day; however, all that washing can really dry out your skin. To prevent chapped hands, opt for soap-free cleansers and alcohol-free sanitizers instead of your regular bar soap.

Wear gloves

While it might be common sense to wear gloves while outside in the cold, you may not think about wearing gloves inside, as well. But if your hands are cracked and sore from the cold weather, your Yardley dermatologist recommends putting on lotion and then wearing protective cotton gloves to seal in the moisture. For severely cracked hands you might want to do this before bedtime and wear the gloves while you sleep.

Scrub up

If you have dry, patchy skin you will want to use a light exfoliate to remove the dead skin before applying a moisturizer. Not only will this brighten your appearance but it will also make your moisturizer more effective, as it won’t need to penetrate through all those dead cells to start working.

Focus on feet

While most people worry about their face or hands during the winter months, this doesn’t mean you should neglect the health of your feet. After all, you spend all day trudging on snow, ice and winter slush. Your poor feet need a break! If you have calluses or rough heels use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin and then apply a thick moisturizer over your feet while they are still a bit damp.

If dry or irritated winter skin is already driving you crazy, your Yardley dermatologist offers a full range of services and treatments to combat your ailments. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.