The Comprehensive Surgery That Has Oncologists And Dermatologists Awestruck

When it comes to the harrowing health condition that is cancer, treatments to cure it can oftentimes be as unsuccessful as they are laboring for medical staff and their patients. To make matters even more problematic, melanoma, the most common form of skin cancer, can leave people forever changed even when treatments have been successful in overcoming the disease. Whether it's discolored or uneven skin in the affected area, many skin cancer treatments are also cosmetically-inefficient, leading to a drop in the patient's confidence that isn't so easily rectified.

But what if there was a treatment that was both cancer-killing and dermatologist-approved? At Rosenman & Leventhal, PC, such a leading treatment can be found that leaves your skin as beautiful as it was before cancer struck.

Check out the awesome cancer therapy option below that won't leave your skin behind:

Why Mohs Surgery Is The Answer To Cancer

First developed in the 1930s by a surgeon named Dr. Frederic Mohs, this benevolent cancer treatment can effectivelyremove cancer cells by removing the thin strips of your skin's tissue that have been dubbed cancerous.

It starts off by pinpointing precise sections of your skin that need to be removed so that all your skin won't need to go through the damaging struggle it must endure with most other skin cancer treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation, which are more interested in ruining all your skin in hopes of killing off the cancer along the way than allowing your skin to maintain its elastic appearance by only working on affected areas. Once this initial process finds cancerous roots in your skin, it tenderly removes just those areas, effectively exterminating nearly 100 percent of the cancer cells wreaking havoc on your health!

If your fight with cancer has you worried about your skin health as well as your overall health, then it's time you took it to both of these frightening problems with the surgery so many dermatologists continue to swear by. Nearly a century after its inception, Mohs surgery has only gathered more believers who are confident in its cancer-killing and face-saving abilities.

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