You Don't Have to Live With Your Birthmark

Birthmarks can be unique, but if you have one that detracts from your appearance, you've probably taken steps to minimize or hide it. Makeup and lighting can only do so much, but you have options for improving the way your birthmark looks. One of the many cosmetic Birthmarkservices offered by Rosenman & Leventhal, PC, your Yardley, Pennsylvania dermatologists, focuses on treating noticeable birthmarks with a specialized laser. Learn how it works here.

What is a birthmark?

Birthmarks are skin colorations that differ from a person's natural skin color. They can be present on the face or any other part of the body. Some birthmarks are a result of hyperpigmentation, which causes them to dark brown, black or skin-colored. They can also be red, blue or purple-tinted; these are known as macular stains and are caused by an abnormality of the vascular system. Many of these birthmarks start out flat against the skin, but can thicken and become darker over time, which is usually when people begin seeking ways to minimize them.

How can my birthmark be treated with laser?

At Rosenman & Leventhal, PC in Yardley, PA, we offer a variety of cosmetic services, all of which are aimed at improving our patients' appearance and self-confidence. The laser treatments we offer to fade - or in some cases, completely remove - birthmarks are no exception. If your Yardley dermatologist determines that you could benefit from cosmetic laser services, one of our trained medical staff members will calibrate the hand-held laser tool to the appropriate wavelength for your specific type of birthmark. Dermatological lasers emit a gentle but intense beam of light that targets the discoloration in both vascular and pigmented birthmarks and break up their structures. Unlike surgery, laser treatments also leave the surrounding skin intact and unaffected, resulting in better healing.

If you have a birthmark that you'd like a member of our medical team to evaluate, please contact Rosenman & Leventhal, PC in Yardley, Pennsylvania to set up a consultation!